Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Very effective Waze app causes law enforcement to request that Google disable a feature

Cops ask Google to remove police tracking from app

Article Snip: "...A law enforcement campaign to compel Google Inc. to disable a feature in its popular Waze traffic app that lets drivers warn others about nearby police activity shifted Wednesday when a sheriffs’ organization openly complained that the app..."


Thursday, January 22, 2015

Material Design Android apps

10 Material Design Android apps you should be using right now

Article Snip: "...It might be cheating to include Google's own apps in this list, but Google's Inbox is one of the best examples of Material Design in action to date, so I'd be remiss to ignore it. Inbox has everything you want from a Material Design app: bold colors, fun pull-to-refresh actions, easy one-handed navigation, and informative animations. It actually makes it fun to manage your inbox, which is no small feat. Inbox is free..."