Wednesday, July 10, 2013

User Agent String Viewer: View your user agent (app developer tools)

User Agent String

All browsers have a user agent string that identifies its type and version number. A browser sends the user agent string to the server. Use this user agent string viewer to determine which version of a browser a user is running. Many app developers use the user agent string to execute various code branches that are intended to execute on many different browsers or devices. Android and Safari app developers can use the User Agent String Viewer to identify your device/browser user agent string. The Safari Developer Tools site has a tool to allow you to modify your user agent string for testing purposes. In the case of Safari, go to the Safari Developer Tools Guide site, choose User Agent String from the Develop menu to modify the user agent string and invoke the code branches in your website, making sure that each browser is being shown what you want it to see. This will resolve browser differences in advance and create needed compatibility.
The following is an example of what you will see using the user agent string viewer: (This is not your information. This is from another device for example sake only.)

User Agent String Viewer